The Business

MVPL has been fortunate and proud to have brands that have a cultural connect with its consumers. With footholds in segments as diverse as spices and sports, each brand is testimony to MVPL’s agenda of adding value.
Spices Sports Trade Processes
TT Spices has been a part of South India’s culinary
landscape for over a century – since 1895 to be precise. The presence is historical.
Stumper is a brand that any ardent cricket lover in India will relate to. Rubber balls branded ‘Stumper’ have ruled the roost in playing fields all over the state. Having proved its mettle both in
cities and villages, the brand can only go forward from here.This brand has a lot of potential in a cricket mad nation like ours. Thus MVPL has roots anchored in tradition, while its arms soar towards the future.Speaking of the future, MVPL has unveiled a range of superswank hydrocans carrying the ‘Stumper’ brand. These hydrocans – well-received and sought after – form a very vital component of Stumper’s longterm strategy of being a sporting brand of repute.
MVPL’s foundations were laid in the trade of camphor and today the trading arm of the company has grown by leaps and bounds, with burgeoning sales figures. The products are manufactured at the village of Manalur present in the district of Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu. The equipment and machinery incorporate the latest of technological advances and employ rigorous quality control processes, which explains the high rate of production.

And the heartening fact is
that this development has not come at the cost of nature. Eco-friendly processes, installation of waste management systems and appropriate monitoring procedures has ensured that the environment stays pristine.